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Instructions and Help about Form 1095-A

Yeah hi there Mike stuck here with stuck law today talking about how to do a forum one on the ATF eform site so once you've got all of your forms prepared what I recommend starting with is preparing a copy of your form 1 doing a PDF and filling out all the data on the form 1 so that you're prepared and you have a copy to upload have it scanned after signature and I like to use a program called Adobe Acrobat Pro to downsize the file I also have my mice tech law trust here all prepared and ready to go that's also been downsized and made available for online upload then you'll want to come to the eform site and get all registered and follow the prompts through to register for your account I've already got my account set up with my username and password and I'm going to go ahead and login into the site and click OK on the standard warning waiving all of my legal rights with doing the application that's a joke um now I'm gonna scroll through here and we're not doing a form 6 or a form 6 eh that's for importers form 1 is for people who are trying to manufacture their own rifles or suppressors or other items form 2 is for manufacturers form 5 is for in it's a transfer upon death and all that we need to do today we don't have form nines and we don't need to worry about this regulation just at this moment we're going to be doing a form 1 so with my data prepared I know that I'm going to yes I'm going to use this form and read through that as I go along I can keep track of everything I'm doing up here at the top I'm going to be doing a tax paid transfer of $200 on this application I don't have an FFL so on this screen you'll notice it's asking for an FFL and all these fields are blacked out well I don't have an FFL so I'm going to select no and then come in here and this is actually where I'll plug in the data that's off of my trust I like to use all caps so I'm going to put in the name of the trust now this is a fictitious trust it's not a real trust just for privacy countries United States the trade name does not have a trade name it's not a corporation then we're going to come down here to the address and this is also a fictitious address plug in your addresses you have it set up with your trust zip code and once you plug in the zip code it will automatically populate based upon where that is and once I have my zip code my address and the name of the trust located I can hit next and these fields can take a little.