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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing covered california 1095-a

Instructions and Help about covered california 1095-a

Hi my name is Karen Mariner and I'm a licensed health insurance agent in the state of California my company is called Cal health agent comm and I specialize in helping individuals and families find affordable high-quality health insurance many of my clients have accounts on covered California I personally set up over 400 accounts on covered California I'm very very familiar with this piece of software and what this presentation aims to do is to teach you as a covered California consumer how to log on to your account look at it and find information you might be looking for especially if you can't find your agent you can look at your account and you can figure out what's going on so let's get started first of all navigate to Google or your search engine of choice and navigate to covered California comm covered CA comm this is the page you'll see when you first log on this yellow button might be different for you depending on the status of your account but most of the time it's going to be reported change during the year between open enrollment periods if you haven't selected a dental plan or told to cover California you're not interested in dental coverage you might see a choose dental plan here in this button no worries okay so let's get started that's all about this button as I said changes here are the different sections of covered California from the summary to the enrollment some people call them breadcrumbs but these checkboxes are clickable and so the first checkbox we're going to click on is summary the default page that comes up is the history of the application you can see your case number your application number especially the case number can be very important the carriers track this not Kaiser but Blue Shield of California and anthem click on current enrollment and the first thing you can see is that there are multiple years in the system now so we're going to look at 2021 but you can always use this drop-down box if you want to go back and look at 2021 first we see that this family is enrolled in a Blue Shield silver plan their coverage began on March 1st and specifically they're in the Silver 70 plan their premium that they're paying every month what we call their net premium after their tax credits is two hundred and eighty eight twenty nine and their subsidy or advanced premium tax credit is fifteen hundred and twenty five dollars a month and you can see that the family all three of them are enrolled their coverage began on March 1st and it's scheduled to go through the year of 2021 next we're going to click on enrollment history and you can see here that this particular family has been enrolled since October of 2021 so they have a 2021 at 2021 and a 2021 application that was all good enrolled.